The Story E-Motion is a foldable electric scooter for everyone in need of a way to easily get from A to B a lot faster than what’s possible on foot.

It’s super light and easy to carry, so that you can tag it along on the bus, train or subway without trouble on the go. Perfectly suited for your urban city trips to school or work.
Top speed is 15 km/h and when fully charged the electric scooter Story E-motion can ride a distance up to 30 km.

So, if you want a fast riding electric scooter to use in between your bus-, train or subway rides, then the Story E-Motion is just what you need.
Högsta hastighet 15 km/t
Max räckvidd 30 km
Laddningstid 2 h
Max belastning 90 kg
Total höjd 73 cm - 99 cm
Vikt 6730 g
Deck längd 530 mm
Hjul diameter 150 mm / 130 mm
Batteri Lithium 18650
Broms typ Flex Fender
Samling Assembled
Ljus Nej