By Nicklas M. in Scooter
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Our new professional NKD teamrider Mathias Villers agreed to do an interview with us.
So, come and get to know Mathias Villers and read about what scooters/gears he likes to use as well as his future passion within the sport!

NKD Rally V4 Video Teaser - Feat. NEW PRO Teamrider

By Nicklas M. in Scooter
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Rally the forces and come check out a cool video teaser with our new professional teamrider from France!
His stunts on the NKD Rally V4 are on a whole new level of pure insanity!

Kite Mag - The Ultimate F-ONE Test Results

By Nicklas M. in Watersport
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Kite Mag made an impressive test proces, bringing together sports gear from 24 brands and tested kites,kiteboards and foils across different categories: Freeride, Freestyle and Foli.
We are excited to announce that F-ONE's products have achieved many wins.

Spring is the time for SUP surfing!

By Nicklas M. in Watersport
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Before the Summer hopefully decides to stop by, you've got the perfect time in between to get started on your SUP adventures.
But what exactly do you need of gear, and is there even a point to giving it a go and how come we love the SUP sport so much, what's the deal here?
Well, read further and you shall get your answers, as well as why we believe these next months of Spring are the perfect time to get started SUP surfing.

Vi tyvstarter Black Friday - vil du være med ?

By Tomas Schødt in Nyt fra virksomheden, Skateboard, Snowboarding, Scooter, Watersport
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Tilmeld dig nyhedsbrevet og få de vildeste tilbud til Black Friday allerede 3 timer før tid! Du får de vildeste tilbud på:

✅ Løbehjul

✅ Longboard

✅ Tricks og Penny skateboard


✅ Kitesurf

✅ SUP Surfing

✅ Action kamera

✅ Snowboard og tilbehør

SUPsurfing - Black Friday!

By Tomas Schødt in Watersport
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Bliv den første til årets vildeste SUP surfing TILBUD !!

World Championship in Skateboarding

By Nicklas M. in Skateboard
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Hot news from China, where the first official World Championship in skateboarding just were held a week ago. Hereby, creating an official ranking that indicates the beginning of the classification for the upcoming Olympic Games in Januar 2019.
This is a major leapt for skateboarding, which for the first time finally is being recognized as an official sports discipline for the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020.

To read more click on ahead.

Live Tracking and Faster Delivery = Happy Customers!

By Tilde E.
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Selling skateboards, skates and other equipment for sports in thirteen countries can be a logistical challenge, but we think we have find our solution!

BLACK FRIDAY - Crazy Sale!!

By EuroskateShop
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BLACK FRIDAY BIG SALE begins on Friday 23rd November at 00.01 !! Stay ready online and prepare yourself for crazy deals!!

Electric Scooters are booming - A new efficient and green urban way of commuting

By Nicklas M. in Scooter
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Electric scooters are a relatively novel and on growing trend in cities, and with good reason. An electric scooter can get you from A to B in almost no time and in a much more fun as well as greener way.

However, there’s quite a wide range of electric scooters to choose from, and law-wise most cities still lack clearer rules and regulations. So, be sure to click ahead if you wish to read more about electric scooters and what could be the right one for you.
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